White Fillings

As dentists we believe prevention is always better than cure and will always encourage and help you to look after your teeth so you do not develop tooth decay. If you do have tooth decay and need a filling then we recommend white fillings as a good solution that is both aesthetic and functional.


An option to improve the cosmetic look of your smile is to have your metal-coloured fillings (or amalgam fillings) replaced with tooth-coloured fillings (or white fillings). This will allow you to smile without a metallic or grey glint in sight, giving your teeth a more natural appearance.


Tooth wear is the progressive loss of a tooth’s surface. It is commonly caused by an acidic diet, grinding your teeth, acid reflux or a combination of two or more of the above. Wear facets on teeth can be unsightly and can also cause increased sensitivity. This can easily be fixed by covering the tooth surface with white fillings, consequently restoring the tooth’s appearance and reducing the sensitivity.


White Fillings BEFORE

White Fillings AFTER