Enjoy a brighter smile with help from a premiere cosmetic dentist in Dubai

step3A smile is something that you can share to others. It is a way for others to somehow partake in the happiness you are feeling. In a way, it is an individual means of projecting ourselves onto other people. However, when you are not confident with the look of your smile, you feel less inclined to share it to other people.

Have a smile you can be confident to share. Get your teeth enhanced by the best cosmetic dentist at our dental clinic in Dubai, and share your happiness to the world through your beautiful smile.

Test drive your enhanced teeth at our cosmetic dental clinic?

While there are many clinics that offer ways toward having a better, healthier set of teeth, we here at Just White Dental a unique proposition to our potential patients – a chance to test drive your new smile before any permanent procedures are done.

Our clinic in Dubai utilises highly advanced technology called Digital Smile Design that allows you to visualise the results of a procedure before undergoing it. This tool process us to devise a cosmetic treatment plan for your teeth that enhances its look, while adhering to the overall appearance of your face.

Sit down with one of our cosmetic dentists for a comprehensive consultation

Prior to any dental cosmetic procedure, the best cosmetic dentist at our facility will sit down with you and discuss your personal preferences for your teeth. We will tackle the results you wish to achieve by the end of the procedure. After which, we will take photos and moulds of your teeth in order to determine a baseline.

We will then develop a digital simulation of the projected best-case results at our fully-equipped cosmetic dental clinic with respect to aesthetic guidelines and dento-facial analyses. Using the moulds we have obtained during the initial consultation and the virtual analyses, we will create a mock-up for your new smile using a wax-like composition.

On the second consultation session, you will be able to test out your new smile using the mock-up design, allowing you a glimpse of the potential results. And if you like the new look, we can proceed with the actual treatments.


DSDThe photo on the right is an example of a gentleman who test drove his new smile. The ‘Before’ image shows his original teeth and the ‘After’ image shows the mock-up of his new smile. Needless to say, from the expression of his eyes it was obvious that he felt much more confident smiling after the mock-up!

Rest assured that our complete team of experienced general and specialist dentists work together to give you the flawless, stunning smile you deserve. We combine cosmetic techniques like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and orthodontics with sound fundamentals of general dentistry and a focus on prevention, health, and wellness.