Get Beautiful Teeth Fast with Our Dubai Six Month Smiles Treatment

Just White Dental Clinic offers individuals in Dubai a fast and innovative way to straighten their teeth and realize the perfect smile they have only been dreaming of!

Having a set of perfect pearly whites can give many individuals the boost and self-confidence they need. However, not everyone is able and willing to undergo a long period of painful dental procedures, such as wearing traditional orthodontic braces for the next one or two years.

The good news is Just White Dental Clinic offers Six Month Smiles in Dubai – a quicker yet equally guaranteed method to have even, beautiful teeth.

See results in just six months!

This modern dental procedure from the United States involves the use of clear brackets and Lucid-Lok Niti white wires to guide the teeth into their proper position. The transparent brackets and white wires allow Dubai patients to discreetly correct the alignment of their pearly whites.

As its name suggests, this treatment can enable patients to have perfectly aligned teeth in just six months. Aside from delivering fast results, the procedure is ideal for people who have low tolerance for pain. The Six Month system uses low forces to move each involved tooth gently and with less pain and inconvenience as possible.

Is it for you?

It is also highly beneficial for patients who want to focus on correcting their front teeth, or those who only have minor alignment problems, a slight case of crowded teeth, or minimal spacing between the teeth.

The procedure essentially combines and delivers the key benefits of traditional braces, but in a shorter period and with improved comfort.

However, JWDC deems the procedure suitable for adults only, so it is best to drop by our state-of-the-art dental office in Dubai and consult with our experienced dentists to know if this six-month treatment is the best option for you.