Expert Root Canal Treatment by Experienced Dubai Dentists

In some extreme cases of tooth decay, the infection or damage reaches up to the nerve and pulp of the tooth. To save the affected teeth and prevent extraction, experienced dentists in Dubai recommend a root canal procedure.

The Procedure

This dental procedure is a complicated method that is performed to remove the infected nerve and pulp of the affected teeth. Following that, an expert Dubai dentist meticulously cleans and seals the inside of the tooth to prevent further damage.

Undergoing this treatment may require a patient to visit meet with our dentists more than once. An initial X-ray will be taken so the dentist can clearly see the structure of the root canals and if there is any previously unidentified infection.

Administering anesthesia is not needed since the nerve is already dead. However, some dentists still use local anesthesia to induce patients into a relaxed state.

Oral health experts caution individuals who frequently experience the following to visit your dentist as you may need to have a root canal treatment urgently: extreme toothache when chewing or when pressure is applied; heightened and extended sensitivity to cold and heat; tooth discolouration; or a pimple on the gums.

Post-procedure Care

As the procedure requires the drilling of a substantial hole into the teeth to give dentists access to the affected nerve and pulp, capping the tooth with a crown or onlay is usually recommended. This method is preferred over traditional restorations and fillings as dental crowns are stronger and provide better protection for the affected teeth.

In some cases, the involved teeth tend to darken after the treatment. The good thing is Just White Dental Clinic also offers highly effective whitening procedures that can restore and even improve the colour of the teeth.

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