The Perfect Smile for your Wedding Day

weddingWe all dream of that perfect smile for special occasions – especially our wedding day! After months of intense planning, the big day is approaching fast. Looking at your checklist, everything seems to be in order; the venue, invitations, the catering, the dress but then…. the photographer! Suddenly you feel the urge to panic as this just became your worst nightmare. The problem is not the photographer, it’s the part where you have to smile!!

Sadly, bad teeth not only affect your image but also your confidence. Many people avoid photo opportunities because of crooked, stained and chipped teeth or because of noticeable gaps between their teeth. People suffering from these issues often prefer to keep their mouth closed and avoid smiling in photos or avoid photo opportunities completely, thus missing out on capturing memorable moments.

Brides or grooms-to-be often book appointments with their dentist in preparation for their wedding day. Usually these dental visits may include stain removal, teeth cleaning and/or teeth whitening. People tend to decline the option of straightening their teeth, as traditional braces are fairly pricey, very visible and usually take around 2-3 years to achieve the desired result.

There is no reason why your teeth can’t be straightened in time for your perfect day. With the new revolutionary Six Month Smiles® short-term braces system you can have that perfect celebrity smile for your big day without it costing you an arm and a leg. The US technology enables patients to straighten their teeth in an unprecedented short time while the dentist ensures minimally invasive methods to harness a natural smile. This technology is the first of its kind in the U.A.E. and is currently only available here at Just White Dental Clinic.

What makes the treatment so innovative is its average treatment time of only six months. The Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-colored wires which are barely visible have been shown to provide a conservative and predictable final result. The low forces and short overall orthodontic treatment times increase comfort, safety, and hygiene and it’s typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy, or veneers.

Other issues such as discoloured, chipped or stained teeth can also be fixed easily with other cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, crowns, cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers. It is worth consulting with your dentist well in advance to discuss the options available to enhance your smile and give you the confidence you deserve for that special occasion.