Inman Aligner™

The Inman Aligner™ is a simple removable appliance that uses nickel-titanium technology to straighten front teeth quickly and safely. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or to pre-align teeth prior to further treatments such as composite bonding or veneers. Patients love the speed of treatment and it is changing the face of dentistry as we know it.

The aligner consists of two clear plastic bows in front and behind your teeth which are activated by springs. These create a gentle pressure that guides the front teeth into their ideal positon. There may be some interference with speech at the beginning but you will adapt to it in a couple of weeks. In most cases the treatment can be completed in 6-16 weeks. This aligner focuses on the front teeth and is only suitable for adults.


Inman Aligner™ BEFORE

Inman Aligner™ AFTER