Happy New Year!

photo (6)As we come to the end of 2014 we thought we would share our best moments with you and remind you of what Just White Dental Clinic is all about!

It has been a year full of challenges and steep learning curves for the JWDC team as we set out to set-up our clinic from scratch. We officially opened our doors to the public on the 5th of August. This day was a big relief for all of us and made all the difficult times just melt away.

So how is our boutique dental clinic different from any other in Dubai? Our ethos focuses on minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry which is less destructive to patients’ teeth. We enhance our patients’ smiles using the ABB (Align, Bleach, Bond) philosophy; which involves aligning spaced or crooked teeth then whitening them and finally contouring the edges or tidying them up with cosmetic bonding. This technique is far more conservative than having a mouth full of crowns or veneers. Don’t get us wrong, we still believe that there’s a place for crowns or veneers in certain situations, but the ABB philosophy is what we encourage our patients to have if possible, and if they wish to have a smile makeover.

Having braces to align teeth may be a daunting thought for some, but there have been so many advances in orthodontic technology that patients are now spoiled for choice. There are ‘invisible’ options for those who feel embarrassed about wearing braces or for those who’s appearance is important for their day job. There are also short-term orthodontic options that focus on straightening the front teeth that show when you smile, hence shortening the treatment time considerably to an average of 3 to 6 months.

We want to provide our patients a service of the highest standard and this is why all the members of our time are highly skilled and well trained. We are like a family here at JWDC and we are proud to be working well together as a team. We strongly believe that every member plays an important role in providing the best experience for our patients. Since opening, the majority of patients have been happy with our service and given us good reviews, but we always welcome any feedback whether good or bad as we strive to continuously better ourselves.

During the past few months, we’ve run a few promotions which were a success, namely our Halloween promotion for kids which involved giving away a goodie bag for kids who came in for their check-ups wearing a Halloween costume. Parents have given us great feedback regarding this promotion and they described it as a ‘more fun way of getting their kids to visit the dentist’. In November, we helped raise awareness for Movember (men’s health) by getting our patients involved in a ‘show off your mo’ competition and the prize was a free check-up and hygiene session. In December we offered our patients a chance to gift their loved ones a ‘new smile’ for Christmas which included a check-up, hygiene session, Zoom whitening and an Oral B 3D electric toothbrush for only AED 2,500.

Finally we would just like to remind you that good oral health is the basis for any treatment to be successful and for the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease as well as other oral diseases. So how about adding these New Year’s resolutions to your list:

1) brush & floss daily

2) cut down on sugary food and drinks

3) visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and hygiene sessions

4) smile more!